Bulagaranda (Mount Yarrowyck) Aboriginal Area


Bulagaranda (Mount Yarrowyck) Aboriginal Area & Aniwan Rock Art Site

Bulagaranda (Mount Yarrowyck) Aboriginal Area is located 25km north west of Uralla along Thunderbolt’s Way within the traditional lands of the Aniwan people, the main Aboriginal tribe of the New England Tablelands. The Bulagaranda (Mount Yarrowyck) Aboriginal Area protects both the Aboriginal site and much of the mountain and its natural environment.

The Walk
A return walk of 3km along an undemanding walking trail leads visitors to the aboriginal rock art site believed to be between 150-500 years old.

Rock Art
The rock art paintings are of red ochre which was ground to a powder and mixed with water to make paint, it was then applied to the granite surface with fingers or brushes made of broken or chewed sticks. All the paintings are directly applied and unlike many art sites, there are no stencils. The images in the artwork depict bird tracks, eggs, and a figure of either a human or lizard.

Bulagaranda (Mount Yarrowyck) Aboriginal Area is a significant and important landmark of Aboriginal cultural heritage. When visiting the site, visitors are requested to remain behind the timber barrier and refrain from touching the paintings.

The car park provides ample room to manoeuvre caravans and campervans. Facilities include barbeques, tables, a rubbish pit and a toilet.