History & Heritage

Welcome to our Country

This is the Country of the Aniwan People and "Uralla" means ceremonial meeting place. The Aboriginal history of this area dates back at least 50,000 years. Aborigines are proud participants of a vibrant Indigenous culture of artists, professionals, youth and Elders who welcome those interested to discover their past and enjoy the feeling of Country. Come and view the Aboriginal rock art at Mt Yarrowyck and marvel at the history and culture of the Aniwan.  Keep your eyes open for shield scars in trees, stone tools scattered beneath your feet, ochre quarries and flat pound grinding stones used for making seed derived flour. Many of these sites are on private property and require special permission to see them. This world will unfold to you as you set foot into the bushland and our national parks. Your respectful presence of mind and care for the environment is always appreciated and remember that the touching of an Aboriginal artifact has cultural significance and should be avoided at all times.