Uralla Soundtrail


Soundtrails is a free app available on both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Within the app you select which Soundtrail you want, and can then either walk around or tap on the map to listen to whichever part of it you like. You can also access them via the Sountrails website. Soundtrails is essentially a collection of free audio tours, and Uralla's was the first - the creator of Soundtrails was at one of the local pubs and heard some of the older residents talking. He realised that when they passed away, their stories would be lost, and so Soundtrails was born!

Having started as a way to archive and record these stories, the Uralla Soundtrail is a great accompaniment to the Uralla Heritage Walk, as while you walk around town it plays interviews, historical recreations, vignettes, and archival footage to convey the sort of local history you might not find written down.

It isn't just for us however, this media innovation has started growing and there are now over 20 Soundtrails to enjoy at your leisure, with more on the way - it's a kind of armchair travel (and low carbon footprint!). If you're heading south swing by Walcha for Soundtrails for their Open Air Gallery, or the Apsley Falls; if you're heading north, stop in at Armidale for the Armidale Catholic Precinct, or the Wollomombi Falls Soundtrail.