Dangar's Lagoon & Racecourse Lagoon

Dangar’s and Racecourse Lagoons
Located within close proximity of Uralla township are three upland wetlands; the main two being Dangar’s and Racecourse Lagoons. A wetland is an area that is wet for a period of time and within which the animals and plants are dependant to some degree on water to complete their life cycle.
Dangar's Lagoon
The largest, Dangar’s Lagoon is situated approximately 4km south-east of Uralla towards Walcha along Thunderbolt’s Way. Water levels at the lagoon often vary dramatically from season to season, but despite this fact, many varieties of bird species call the lagoon home. During wet seasons, large numbers of water birds can be observed from the bird hide, located at the southern end of the lagoon.
Over the years, more than 110 different bird species have been recorded at the lagoon. These include Great Crested Grebes, Blue-billed Ducks and Whiskered Terns. Swamp Harriers and Whistling Kites can also be spotted cruising overhead, while Nankeen Night Herons roost in the dead trees. In nearby paddocks, you may flush a Stubble Quail, or set to flight Fairy Wrens or Golden Headed Cisticolas.
Racecourse Lagoon
Racecourse Lagoon is located 3km south of Uralla and approximately 2km north-west of Dangar's Lagoon. The Aboriginal people of the area, the Aniwan tribe, lived at Racecourse Lagoon, as it provided a source of food and opportunities for religious ceremony and for leisure. It has become a breeding, nesting and feeding site for birds, including migratory birds, and it provides a refuge for fish and other animals in times of drought. The site is protected as Endangered Ecological Communities under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act.

Racecourse Lagoon is a beautiful place for picnicking, walking, bird watching, nature study and photography. It is accessible from Plane Avenue.