The Loopanda Aboriginal people occupied this area long before the arrival of the first European settlers.

After several years of petitioning the village was granted a post office which opened on 1 May 1875 (it closed in 1984), to be known as Kingstown and not Stoney Batter as the area was previously known. Stoney Batter continues to be used for an area a few miles north of Kingstown.

The timber church which opened in 1893 is used regularly by Bundarra, Uralla and Armidale ministers of various denominations. Although owned by the Uniting Church, maintenance of the property is a community effort.

In 1896 Kingstown was granted a part time teacher that rode between Torryburn and Kingstown Half-Time Schools to teach. This ride was about 9 miles each way and had to be undertaken in all weather conditions. The Kingstown School was enlarged in 1899 to accommodate the then 20 students who were attending classes there. In 1906 the school was upgraded to a full time Provisional School and later the same year was granted the status of a Public School.

Call into the Kingstown General Store and post office for supplies, including fuel 7 days a week.