Pioneer Park

Fibonacci Park.jpg

Pioneer Park is a centrally located park in Uralla at the corner of Bridge and Salisbury Streets, opposite the Uralla Visitor Information Centre and within walking distance to Uralla's main shopping precinct. The street frontage accommodates short-term parking for vehicles with caravans, and is often utilised as a rest stop for visitors and travellers.

Fibonacci display:

Uralla is the only place in Australia whose postcode – 2358 – follows the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. Our community took inspiration from the 13th Century mathematician when reimagining PIONEER PARK into a flexible town-square-style public space in the heart of Uralla’s main street. 

The prominent tiered amphitheater seating is perfect for travellers to rest and community to gather. Its design borrows from ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The smooth curved seating creates an acoustic “whispering gallery” effect, where people at either end of the curve are amplified and can hear each other perfectly.