National Parks in the New England High Country


New England High Country has over 500 kilometres of wild and scenic rivers. The national parks in the region offer everything from bush walking to bouldering, mountain biking to canyoning, even kayaking and canoeing. Rolling hills, waterfalls galore (including the famous Waterfall Way), and more parkland than you can shake a walking stick at await visitors to the region. See the granite outcrops at Cathedral Rock, or all the way to the Pacific Ocean from Point Lookout, which also offers stunning views of unspoilt wilderness. 

There's plenty of wildlife to see too, from bush wallabies and kangaroos, to platypus, koalas, and kookaburras. On the birdwatching front there's far more than the iconic laughing birds - superb lyrebirds, azure kingfishers, barking owls, diamond firetails and black-chinned honeyeaters are just a few of the feathered fauna that calls the park lands home.