Go Create! New England Workshop
Kath Caddy: Shoe Making
Date: 9am Fri 11 Jan - 5pm Sun 13 Jan 2019
Venue: Go Create! New England, 504 Terrible Vale Road, Kentucky
Cost: Yes - Onsite accommodation is also available.

Learn to make your own personally fitted shoes with Kath. Over three days she will lead you through the simple, but exciting process of designing, fitting, sewing and lasting your shoes. Shoes can be made of leather or fabric with leather or rubber soling.

Kath has a number of different shapes and sizes of shoe lasts (shoe moulds) that students can use whilst making their shoes. They can be modified to allow for bunions and other foot issues.

This workshop is all about the art of shoe making and the processes involved; however, Kath will do her best to ensure that each student can walk away with new shoes that are comfortable and beautiful.

Contact details

Kath Caddy
M: 0412 351 792
E: taykath@gmail.com
W: www.gocreatenewengland.com