Go Create! Cathy Moon: Shibori Dyeing

Date: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March 2018
Time: 9.30am to 4pm
Venue: Go Create! New England, 504 Terrible Vale Road, Kentucky
Cost: Yes - Onsite accommodation is also available.

Come along and discover the exciting art of Shibori using different strength Indigo vats. You will learn the traditional Shibori techniques of arashi, bomaki, itajime and a variety of shibori stitching techniques. You will be able to dye your pieces in an Indigo wash vat, a medium strength vat or a dark Indigo vat or you can layer your pieces from pale blue through to dark blue. The possibilities are endless!

You will have the choice of making scarves, placemats cushion covers, t-shirts/tops.

You can bring your own 100% silk or 100% cotton fabrics, cotton t-shirts or cotton tops. 100% Linen can also be dyed.

Cathy will have silk scarves, cushion covers and place mats for sale. A material fee of $40 per student will cover the cost of Indigo, a set of comprehensive notes and use of all equipment.

Contact details
Kath  or Erica
M: 0412 351 792
E: taykath@gmail.com