Go Create-Lauran Sundin: Wire Bobbin Lace for Contemporary and Traditional Lace Makers

Date: 28-30 September 2018, 9:30am to 4:00pm
Venue: Go Create! New England, 504 Terrible Vale Road, Kentucky
Cost: Yes - Onsite accommodation is also available.

Although Lauran is a contemporary lace maker and will concentrate primarily on contemporary bobbin lace, the techniques, covered in the class, would benefit the traditional lace maker who wishes to make traditional pieces using wire. These techniques can also be used for larger dimensional sculptural pieces although she will cover small-scale jewellery applications. Lauran will explore two important aspects; focusing on the special methods of working with wire will help the student understand the structural integrity inherent to metal and its potential for dimensional design, emphasis on proper tensioning and the technique of working the wire around the pins, in a systematic manner to achieve precise stitches will be covered in detail. Additional she will cover methods for making all those wire ends “disappear”.

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