Go Create! Judy Wilford:Telling Stories, A Narrative Embroidery

Date: Saturday, 24 & Sunday, 25 February 2018
Venue: Go Create! New England, 504 Terrible Vale Road, Kentucky
Cost: Yes - Onsite accommodation is also available.

We all recall memories or impressions, fleeting or substantial, of the natural world: its
elements, its wildlife and their habitats or the marks left by man and settlement. The subject
of the story is yours to choose.

The interpretation of your subject may be realistic, impressionistic or a collage of related
images. Bring it to life using the wonderful mediums of fabric, thread and stitch.
The Workshop involves the processes of designing, constructing and stitching a ‘low relief’
panel of approx. 25x30cms.

Contact details
Kath or Erica
M: 0421 047 326
E: taykath@gmail.com 
W: www.gocreatenewengland.com