Go Create! Jette Clover:Scratches, Smudges and Splashes

Date: October 15 and 16  2018   9:30am - 4:00pm
Venue: Go Create! New England, 504 Terrible Vale Road, Kentucky
Cost: Yes - Onsite accommodation is also available.


This workshop introduces fun and experimental printing techniques, which can be applied to both paper and fabric. Marks can be familiar signs such as numbers and letters, or they can be very personal doodling – your signature f.ex. is a mark that is unique to you. We will experiment with drawing, painting, stamping, rubbing, scraping and staining.
We will explore monoprinting, stencilling and screening with a variety of resists such as paper, plastic, string, glue, wax, acryl gel medium, etc. We will further use gelatin as a base for making a a printing plate and use our hands as a press. Besides paint we will be using tea, coffee, ink, bleach and flour for mark making.


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